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New portable industrial hot glue gun

  • Application: Not Rated
  • Voltage: 220V/50HZ
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name: Bakon
  • Model Number: Bakon
  • Product name: China favourable price hot melt adhesive gun for sticking
  • Material: Plastic + Aluminum
  • MOQ: 1
  • Temperature: 140~280℃
  • OEM: yes
  • Usage: Industril
  • Rated Power: 150w
  • Rated Voltage: 220v

China favourable price hot melt adhesive gun for sticking


The operation is light, just insert the rubber strip, and the glue can be welded in an instant. The rubber can be squeezed out by pressing the wrench to quickly fix the object. With the temperature adjustment design, a variety of rubber strips can be used. Wide range of uses such as cartons and timber display windows and various decorations;
Thermostat design, suitable for Polyamide strips, because of the temperature adjustment, the viscosity of the melt can be properly controlled, and Polyamide strips can be used to bond electronic parts;
Reheating is fast and can be used continuously. It adopts wire-wound or PTC heating elements, that is, it is hot immediately, the operation will not reduce the temperature, and it can be used continuously;
Anti-overheating structure, built-in thermal fuse near the heating element to prevent overheating;
The gun body is strong and made of shockproof plastic.

Five models:

Model Power consumption Temperature
BK301 150W 140-240 ℃ (adjustable)
BK302 100-120W 140-280 ℃ (adjustable)
BK303 80-100W 140-240 ℃ (adjustable)
BK304 40-60W 190-230 ℃
BK305 15-25W 180-200 ℃

Company Information

In 1998, Shenzhen Bakon Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established at Shenzhen, and it is committed to the overall solution of static control, automation lean production, lead-free welding with its BAKON and SBK brand.Bakon insists on "technology-based, make the world brand", and pursues "soldering tools expert" in the world.
In 2012, Bakon becomes the supplier of GREE ELECTRIC, which is the biggest Air condition producer in the world. At the same time, we cooperate with BYD auto and many famous companies such as Foxconn, Apple's single-largest contractor, and so on.
In 2015, Bakon was identified as one Shenzhen High Technology Enterprise by Shenzhen Government.
Bakon now has more than 20 people of research and development team, including 6 electronic engineers, 2 software engineers and 6 automation engineers. Over the years, Bakon adhere consistently engaged to research of auto high power soldering station. In 2016, we launched model BK990 auto big power lead-free soldering station with measurement function of resistance and voltage.
The Smart ESD Control System, Network ESD Control System and Antistatic Online Control and Test System, which are Independent research and development products of Bakon, provide excellent solutions to ESD control of production lines, while there are more smart production lines and Carrying out of “Industry 4.0 strategy”. Specially, the Smart ESD Control System is applied to famous factories such as Gree Electric, BYD Auto, Hisense and so on.
Bakon's now No.2 in the domestic market and is known well in China, there is also more than 50% increasing in export amount each year. It’s sold to more and more countries, such as America, India, South Korea and so on.


We have passed the GB/TI9001-2016/ISO9001-2015 international quality management system and our products have passed the CE certification,SGS certification,ATC certificatiom and so on.

Our Services

Each of our products will be tested, the initial test passes, then aging, and finally test again.So if you find any traces of items used, please feel free to use, if you mind, we can talk about other options in detail.

  • our team
  1. Our R & D team has more than 20 people. Reasonable division of labor, so we are more professional.
  2. Our sales team has more than 30 people, follow up at any time, and quickly solve your problems.
  3. Similarly, we have more than 80 production front-line staff, no matter how big the order, we will be able to ship on time.
  4. You don't need to worry about quality issues, because our quality control staff exceeds 10 people. From material to shipment, control layer by layer, resolutely ship all excellent products.
  • our advantage

Direct Manufacturer, 20 Years History, No.2 in China;

Cooperate with Gree Electric From Year 2012.

OEM or ODM service provided

Certificate: CE/RoHS/ISO9001/SGS;

Strict Quality Control: Pre-test, Casual inspection, Inspection of finished product;

Factory D&R / production/ sales/ and sales service together.

Manufactory sell directly,the goods are in plenty supply,delivery date fast,good compete price.We have professional engineers who can meet your customized requirements.

Imported chip capacitors to form high-quality circuit boards.

  • delivery

We can ship within 7 days within 100pcs.More than 1000pcs need to be shipped within 45 days after payment.If you have other requirements, everything can be discussed.

  • After-sales service

Taking into account transportation issues, if there is a bad mail to us, you will spend a lot of transportation costs. So we will provide technical support and online communication.And we don't guarantee parts that are easy to wear, it is better to: soldering iron head, etc.Our warranty period is 1 year.

The last is the price, if you buy enough, we will give you a certain discount. For example, 50pcs, 100pcs unit price is different.

Finally, finally, welcome

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