The champion is born! "China Bakon Cup" company employee competition, first win it "one billion"

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This year's "China Bakon Cup" trial at the Shenzhen Munich Exhibition is the first national event held in the domestic locking industry. The corporate representatives of the first day of the competition all achieved good results. They brought the trophies back to the company and the prizes home. The best of both worlds.

After the first day of the competition, the company temporarily decided to hold an internal competition. Colleagues signed up one after another to show their locking skills on the exhibition platform.



114 screws to connect "BAKON"


The competition system is the same as the first day. Players need to lock 114 screws on the locking board, showing the company's English name "BAKON ". Each group of six contestants will be scored by six judges in terms of time and quality, and the top 24 will enter the finals.

With the sound of the chief judge's whistle, the players were a little nervous at the beginning. After entering the state and rhythm, the competition became more and more intense.


Faced with such a fierce competition, the audience couldn't stand it anymore, and several players signed up to show their skills.


4 minutes and 7 seconds, the champion won "one hundred million"


Quality supervisor Gan Xiaoling came to the fore in the preliminary round with a score of 4 minutes and 12 seconds and successfully advanced.

After entering the finals, his condition got better and better. He broke his own record and won the first place in 4 minutes and 7 seconds.


Other colleagues were not to be outdone. They showed their best level and style and achieved good results. 10 fourth prizes, 5 third prizes and 3 second prizes were praised respectively.

The 2020 South China International Intelligent Manufacturing, Advanced Electronics and Laser Technology Expo has successfully concluded, and the first "China Bakon Cup" trials have also come to an end.

Every precious experience in the competition is wealth and harvest. As long as we continue to work hard, look for breakthroughs, and continue to strengthen our professional skills, we will definitely become stronger.


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